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Frequently Asked Questions

For orders placed before 2 PM you order/s will delivered the next working day. For orders placed after 2 PM, we will try to ship it the next day, if we don't, you will receive it the next working day.
We roast our coffee in three distinct ways based on where it is most suitable. When you order our coffee, you will see a sticker with its corresponding roast style. Espresso are for milk based and straight espresso. Filter for V60, Kalita and other manual brewers. Omni for both filter coffee and straight espresso.
Freshly roasted coffee needs a week for it to rest and give all those lovely notes. We prefer using our coffee within the 10th day after roasting and to be consumed within a month within the stated roasting date.
When the item is in pre-order, it means that the item is already on its way from the supplier. Usually within 1-2 weeks. For coffee machine and grinder, the said product will be ordered from the warehouse once payment is settled and will usually take 1-1 1/2 months for it to arrive at our store. You will be notified by our team when your order/s arrive and when it will be delivered.
We offer two types of subscription: Flexible and Fixed. Flexible is suitable for home brewers and alike. You have the option to choose the number of coffee you will receive every month and the corresponding roast style for each. Also you have the option to cancel the subscription anytime you feel to.
Fixed subscription is meant for individuals, café, restaurant, and establishment that wanted a continuous supply of coffee for a particular number of months without the hassle of placing your order over and over. You can choose the quantity of coffee you need and it can be mixed for espresso and filter use. And the longer the subscription, the bigger you can save.
For flexible, coffee will be delivered every 1st Wednesday of the month. For fixed, coffee will be delivered every 1st Saturday of the month or a specific date that you and our team agreed on
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