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“A day starts with coffee is as rejuvenated as nothing else”, so beautifully said, isn’t it? Coffee can be awarded as the best beverage of the year again and again because there’s nothing like it. It is so versatile that it can be prepared for people with different tastes at the same time just by slightly changing the recipe or process. Filter coffee is one of the most preferred coffees, especially in India. Filter coffee is a smooth and light coffee and extra shot Roastery serves you with the best filter coffees. These coffees range from QR 60 to QR 70 and are available in a wide range of variety including Ethiopia Gedeb, Kenya Utezi Jimbo, and many other coffee flavors. If you are planning to Buy online filter coffee in Qatar, then you can visit us at any time and get served with exceptional quality products. So what are you waiting for coffee lovers, visit us now!